Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is in all likely hood the first thing to go down in the planning of your big day. It is considered to be the decision to set the tone for your theme, catering and most certainly the images that will be made by the photographer, to name but a few. As there are much to take into account with this decision, I’ll give you some insight from a photographer as to what I value in a venue.

One often has to make the best of a situation regarding issues of bad lighting and lack of space. These problems can be overcome through a variety of lighting techniques and camera lens options. It is very helpful when a bride and groom to be  take these concerns into consideration. That being said, if the location of your venue is not ideal for taking exceptional photos (specifically the bride and groom couple session), one can always move to a different location whilst the guests are entertained at the venue. We have found that this is the case more often than not. For this reason I spend a substantial amount of time scouting spots nearby the venue in the days leading up to the wedding.

So, when you and and the love of your life are scouting for the ideal location, take some time to look around, see if there are opportunities at the venue, or nearby for great images to be made. Even better, if you already have a photographer lined up, ask for his/her advise, most photographers will gladly assist with this.